The services available on this website were developed specifically to address the concerns, complaints and needs of the tank inspection industry as communicated by inspectors, manufacturers and consignors. It is always a challenge to fully explain the benefits of a new service – particularly one that is organic and can evolve to further meet the needs of members. So if you have a question, or see that additional features are needed to make this service work for you – please contact our webmaster before determining “it’s not for you”!

Standardize the Data

To be in standard, a highway/cargo tank is required to have inspections and tests completed at specified intervals by registered facilities who are required to complete reports in accordance with a prescribed standard. Currently, there is no template for formatting reports or a method of collecting data – let alone sharing data. Consequently, changes to manufacturing standards are made without consulting any of the valuable data collected by registered facilities. eStandardSolutions.com is working to correct this issue.

Protect the Data

eStandardSolutions.com is specifically designed to offer the secure entry of inspections, tests, defects, repairs and certification documentation by inspectors – and a portion of this data (tank specs and current disposition only) is made available to consignor members and other inspection facility members for reference.

Access the Data

The ability to instantly email, print, save or download inspection reports promotes timely notification to other team members, clients and officials.

The availability of every form required for inspections and tests promotes higher accuracy levels and permits easy completion in the field. The ability to eliminate physical paper forms and access digital files from any location serves to increase productivity while resulting in fewer late, lost or misplaced documents. A copy is always one click away!

Customize the Data

Members can export their entries and download CSV files for import into other applications to generate customized output or provide access to other team members or company employees.

Store the Data

Access to historical tank data and client info ensures correct entry on every form. Enter once and access for all future use! Scheduled notifications keep tank inspections current – and makes spending time dealing with mountains of paperwork a thing of the past!

Proprietary data, inspection specifics, client and company information is confidential and accessible ONLY to the member (or company) entering the data.  eStandardSolutions.com is not affiliated with any tank facility or government agency.

Share the Data

One of the most valuable privileges of membership is access to the TANK DATABASE for review of current disposition and tank status.  The information is provided only to other members, and contains no inspection specifics or reference to inspector, tester, facility or company information.

Inspectors / Testers

  • Standard Inspection form templates in compliance with governing regulations
  • Easy, online method for entering inspections
  • Access to data collected and ability to edit, email, print or save reports
  • Ability to document defective tanks
  • Ability to communicate reports directly to clients upon completion of tests or inspections
  • Ability to attach related information to inspection and test reports
  • Secure online digital archive of all tests, images and reports entered
  • Verifiable proof of inspections a tester has completed to promote advancement

Inspection Facilities

  • Ability to enter and access inspections company-wide
  • Secure, searchable database of facility reports and data
  • Ability to identify defective tanks and unauthorized repairs
  • Ability to schedule automatic notifications of tank expirations to clients
  • Ability to track expirations and schedule inspections to promote retention of client base
  • Ability to set reminder for registration renewal and avoid interruption of service to clients
  • eStandardSolutions.com is not affiliated with any tank facility or government agency.


  • Ability to search serial numbers to identify tanks with defects or expired inspections to help limit liability.

Tank Owners

  • Full access to your reports from any registered facility using the eStandard Solutions system.
  • Review, save and print your reports on your time.
  • Auto-tracking. The system notifies you 1 month in advance of any expiring tank inspection.